Brand introduction

SAMMYS was founded in 1991, formerly known as sub-brand of French Cauval Sammy.Sammys is an international high-end integrated furniture custom brand, which has over 30 years successful experience in kitchen cabinet manufacturing and full house cabinet custom. Sammy’s kitchen is the only factory that has been approved by AWI&WI in China.Sammy’s products meet the highest quality standard of Europe.
Sammy’s kitchen has over 500 chain stores and shops in the world, its professional service team has over 10,000 staff.Sammys products and service centers cover many countries, such as United States, Canada, France and China.Currently, Sammys’products have been exported to over 100 countries in 6 continents. Sammys group has annual turnover of over 5 billion (RMB), SAMMYS takes the lead in this industry by its comprehensive strength.
Expanding China market is an important turning point in Sammy’s development strategy. Sammys draws on the successful experience of the French group, aiming at achieving target of headquarters, achieving the sale value of 10 billions in full house custom. Sammys officially starts the strategy of finding "best partner" in China, to achieve all-win in full house cabinet custom.